Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Busy + New blogs + Book Alert

I have to apologize for totally ignoring my blog recently... Besides my root canal situation, I have been so busy at work. You know things are going be crazy when your manager is telling everybody to please work like if our hair is on fire. Oh well, at least I need to be thankful that I have a job which offers me insurance for my root canal. So I am going to quit complaining.

(image above by Ramon Olivera)
One good thing about my work is that I get to work with many amazing artists and learn from them everyday. My friend Ramon Olivera is one of the artists that constantly inspires us with his imagination and fun artworks (not to mention he is one of the nicest and funnies guys we know.) But, come on, Ramon, you didn't tell me that you have a blog and I have to find out about it myself??? That's wrong! Anyway, lucky us, now we have one more blog with great artworks to look at. Check out Ramon's blog here!

(image above by Bob Kolar)
Also, BOOK ALERT!!! Our friend and mentor at work, Bob Kolar, is going to have a brand new children's book out this fall. It's called "Big Kicks". I am very fortunate to be able to see the book in person when Bob showed it to me the other day. It's such a great story and the cuteness of all the characters just blew my mind! Bob has been showing his process of creating artworks for this book in his blog "Whoop Dee Doo".

(image above by Sarah Anderson)
Last but not least, my co-worker/girlfriend Sarah Anderson recently started a new blog called "Unicorn Poo". She is also an amazing artist. Her artworks are so cute and they will make you poop in your pants (pardon my language, but it's true). I am sure Sarah will be posting lots of wonderful doodles, drawings or craft projects in the near future so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting about my blog buddy :)
glad your toof is betta'.

Ramon Olivera said...

I visit your blog all the time. How surprised (and confused) I was to visit and see MY stuff! Don't be mad. I just set it up! Thanks for the props Flora!

Aspa said...

Hi Flora, I am glad that you are feeling better after your tooth canal. Thanks for all these interesting information and I will definitely check out these blogs.

André Gribble said...

Oh, how I envy you! You got such cool and talented friends! I had seen Bob Kolar's work before and I love his characters. Ramon Olivera is simply terrific, and Sarah's blog looks very promising (and with a name like that, nothing can go wrong).
Can't wait to check out their new stuff!

Thanks for sharing!