Monday, September 8, 2008

ロリタ (Lolita)

ロリタ (Lolita)

I redrew Lolita digitally. I wanted to keep the roughness and kid-like quality as my original doodle did. One trick on using Wacom pen to draw free hand: if you find the tablet surface is too sleek, put a piece of paper on top of it and draw as usual. In this case, I used a piece of craft paper and it helped me preserve the rough lines.

This is the original doodle on paper:


Kelly Medina said...

Turned out great. And thanks for the tip :)

Anairam said...

Flora, I love your work! I would like to mention it in my blog this week and include some 'doodles' from your blog. Would that be okay? Regards, Anairam

flora said...

anairam... yes that will be fine.
Thanks! : )

Niina A. said...

Ugh so cute I love reading your blog and looking at all your new illustrations!

A little fix up though, when you write lolita in Japanese it should be written ロリータ :)

Julia said...

Love the doodle, so cute!