Friday, January 30, 2009

Poster for Next Week's Gig

Softee Gig Poster


Gisele Jaquenod said...

wiii floriiisss xD i wanna hear you girls someday hihihi xD

PS. i still cant comment with my blog address :( since my blog is not blogger or openid :S

Gisele Jaquenod said...

ah hih i see now you answered me in the other post xD i mean i can't write like http://www. my address you know :O i thought you allowed that before hih my mistake xD must be someone else's blog :) blogger allows to write name/url if u set it :D xD (you can delete this comment hihih if you want)sorry to be a pain xD

flora said...

Oh yeah... Gisele, I changed that setting awhile back. I actually answered your question in my past post. By allowing anyone to comment, I have to allow anonymous comments too, but I have been getting really weird, sometimes rude, comments from "anonymous" before so I have to change the setting. Sorry about that.
You can just type in your blog address at the end of your comment sp people can see it. How about that? (By the way, I voted for your baby blog.^^)

Christine said...

Wonderful poster:-)

André said...

Wow, this is my favorite 2 color combination in the universe! And I like all the little animations.

Also, I second Gisele, it would be great to get a taste of your music. Is there anywhere online were we can listen to samples?

flora said...

Thanks, guys!

If you go to then you can hear the music.

SiMonE MenDeS said...

f L o r a...

l i n d o s
t r a b a l h o s

u m
b e i j o

f e l i c i d a d e
e n e r g i a

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have a Dachund little long short leg dog, her name is Katy. I like your dachund. I also woodburn clocks and other crafts, I like your woodburn ideas. Very nice. Have a Wonderful Day.