Monday, February 23, 2009

Gamine Girls Doodle

Gamine Girls Doodle

I love gamine style and anything with stripes on it! : )


Jill said...

I had never heard this term before, so I had to go look it up on wikipedia! ...and now I know! love the style!

Awesome Sara said...

OMG, they are adorable!!!

Flor Larios Art said...

These are adorable! love the combination of colors!

ps. Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you there!

flora said...

Me too... I only know about this term recently and realize that's part of my regular style. :)

Thank you!!! ^^

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your artworks!

Shugar said...

nicely done! :) they look great!

ag said...

I love your designs! and the gamine girls are great!

Abigail said...

So stylish, I love their outfits!

Majeak Ann said...

Hey precious Flora, I do love stripes too :) Love these girls.
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Stop by, say hi!
Marjorie Ann