Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Stick me Flickr!" Sticker

"Stick me FLICKr!" Sticker

Yaelfran invited me to participate in her first "Stick me Flickr!" collaborative sticker book project. Here is my page. Each sticker is about 2" by 2". You can see similar sticker books at her Etsy shop. Stay tuned! :)

Also I need your help. I am considering setting up a shop. Since I do not own a nice printer at home, which printer do you guys recommend for making nice prints? On what kind of papers? Any suggestions?


Aspa said...

Hi Flora, as always I love your illlustrations. :-)
Regarding the printing... I like to print on Hahnemuhle William Turner with a textured surface paper. I find the colors very true and vibrant.

Brad said...

these are wonderful!

flora said...

Thanks Aspa and Brad!

Aspa: I will keep that in mind! :)
Any specific printer that you like?

Todd said...

The Epson brand has consistently been a good brand of printer for graphics. Also, depending on the size you're looking to get they have a wide format (9800 I think) that prints on numerous materials...quite drool worthy...:)

That said, Canon and HP make decent printers as well...for stickers like these id probably go for a thicker glossy stock paper then get a dual adhesive paper for the backs...then voila! stickers!!...heh...

Love your work...:)

JaB said...

Hello! I really love your work, and would be happy to purchase something from you via Etsy! :)

For wider-format printers, I recommend the Epson 1400! It prints up to 13x19inches, and the colors are very vibrant, especially on Epson vibrant white watercolor paper or similar paper. While the Claria inks are pretty expensive, off-brand inks of similar quality can be found at much cheaper prices!

flora said...

Todd and JaB:
Thank you so much for your suggestion. Another friend of mine also recommend me Epson 1400, whilte other artist has told me about Epson Pro 3800, too (of course, very expensive).

I am not printing these sticks myself. This will be part of a collaborative sticker book which will be sold in YaelFran's Etsy shop soon. Will keep you guys posted when it's available! :)