Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FiFi for Mish Mish Mish

FiFi for Mish Mish Mish

A couple of months ago, I was invited by Marian and Mariano of Moncho Ediciones to participate in a very exciting project "Mish Mish Mish", a limited edition screen-printed book which collects cats drawn by 24 illustrators around the world. I feel very honored to be part of it. Here is my contribution, FiFi.

Complete list of participating artists:
Ana Galván
Anke Weckmann
Annalisa Papagna
Astrid Yskout
Bubi Au Yeung
Camilla Engman
Denise Holmes
Flora Chang
Gal Shkedi
Gemma Correll
Jim Pluk Sanabria
Kate Hindley
Luisa Uribe
Matte Stephens
Mike Lowery
Natascha Rosenberg
Oliver Jeffers
Pilipo Giordano
Simone Mendes
Steph Says Hello
We love patterns
Yara Kono

Mish Mish Mish


Anonymous said...

Oh, FiFi is so cute! That's a very nice project indeed. :D

Jeanee said...

Awesome Flora!

Hazel Terry said...

Wonderful Flora, great project to be involved in.

Elisa said...

this project looks great !
Is it possible to buy it somewhere online ??

Flora Chang said...

Thanks guys!

Elisa: I am wondering about the same thing, too. I've written them 2 emails with the same question. If they ever get back with me I will let you know.

A Beautiful Party said...

how wonderful! congratulations!