Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Winners Are...

Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! It's fun, isnt' it? So here is the complete list of participants (If you had left more than one comment, I had to deleted them and only saved one comment for you. just to be fair to others.):

1. Olivia
2. Tim
3. almost 50 but not quite
4. Emjie
5. Walter Silva
6. violette
7. ejorpin
8. Simply EC
9. Inspector Marmalade
10. Elisa
11. Julie Adore
12. Luli Bunny
13. kiddo
14. Alexandra Durao
15. Mickey Quinn
16. Orit Berl
17. danielleyc
18. My Owl Barn
19. Meike
20. Nicole
21. jen
22. randomosity
23. Sarah
24. Kayleigh Bluck
25. benconservato
26. 中寧
27. em.
28. Frizz
29. Hanna
30. thefruitysalad
31. Cassie
32. Irit
33. Jaime
34. tuing..tuing
35. genie espinosa
36. Katie Green
37. Rose Hudson
38. The Artful Dodger
39. Lay Hoon aka mescrap
40. Gina Perry
41. Michelle Henninger
42. amba
43. loolool
44. Siem
45. Just Me
46. Kelly Medina
47. Missy
48. Alely L.
49. gewwybeans
50. ni
51. life without novacaine
52. Christy
53. Paula Clare
54. Krystle
55. tammiemarie

And as you can see, the random number generator has picked number 51, 23, 29!!! Congratulations to life without novacaine (1st Prize), Sarah (2nd Prize), and Hanna (3rd Prize)! Please send your mailing address to HappyDoodleLand[at] and let me know which prize you've won, and I will send it your way ASAP! Thanks guys!


Siem said...

Congratulations to the winners.
I can not deny that I am a bit disappointed. But on the other hand... I'm glad I discovered this happy blog!

Happy Holiday to everyone,

zime said...

booo What happen whit my entry??? I'm sure I put an entry...
guaaaaa :(

zime said...

Blogger ate it!!!!!!

Flora Chang said...

Oh no... zime!!! I am pretty sure I didn't delete your entry by accident since I triple checked. Did Blogger eat it??? Boooo!!!! Next time I will keep an watchful eye on your entry. XX

zime said...

Oh no Flora, isn't your fault!!! Technology isn't perfect!! Sometimes happens :P