Sunday, September 26, 2010

And again...

Fobot #555

All right, I do have something else to share with you. First, this weekend was the annual Plaza Art Fair, one of my favorite event. Every year I try to buy a piece from a different artist. This is what I got yesterday: a Fobot (meaning "found object robot). His name is Geisler, and his birthday is 7/17/2010, about 10" tall. He is created by North Carolina artist Amy Flynn. Check out her fobot website. There are so many incredible robots, and I already know I can't only have just one. Waiting patiently for their annual sale at the end of the year. :)

Fobot #555

I put him on my piano so I can look at him when I play.

On The Piano

Also here is a funny doodle that my buddy Steph Allen (who also made this card for me last year) drew and stuck on my windshield 2 weeks ago. It was regarding me receiving my greencard. Isn't it hilarious?

Now i really must return to my sweatshop. See you later!


marie-louise said...

It was very fun stuff here today!

rhiannalederman said...
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rhiannalederman said...

Those fobots are great!! They have so much character to them! You are lucky to have one :)

almost 50 but not quite said...

so cool, flora. we all love us some flora!