Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pottery class report: Out of the gas kiln

Stoneware Owl Bowl

Got my second batch of pots and dishes out of the glass kiln last Tuesday. The result was not what I pictured in mind, but I still would like to share anyway just for my own record, since it's a learning process (and a fun one, too.)

I do most of my pieces with sgraffito technique.


This photo shows how they looked like after the bisque firing, all nice and clean, right?

Bisque fired stoneware pieces

And this is how the dishes look like after they came out of the gas reduction firing... FAIL!!!!! Oh my!!! I guess didn't brush on enough glaze, so all the bare clay area turned dark brown during the firing, making it really hard to see the designs.

Stoneware Dishes

And here is the little vase, it turned out alright. I might plant another succulent in it.

Small Stoneware Vase

Another bowl, some of the area on the outside turned hazy and dirty because the glaze is too thick (on the back side, you can't see it in the photo).

Stoneware Owl Bowl

Continue learning! I am still loving it and having a lot of fun with clay. By the way, I ordered myself a baby electric kiln, a tiny one that can be plugged in a regular household outlet so I can fire and test some small pieces at home without having to wait for the big kiln in the classroom, so excited! I also hope to buy another medium one later this year; I think I will make quicker progress if I own my own kiln. :)


Missy said...

These are really neat, Flora. I really like the owl!

Flora Chang said...

Thanks, Missy! I am still experimenting. :)

Liz Minton said...

They look absolutely amazing after the bisque firing. I'm sure you'll master the glazing if you keep experimenting. Makes me think I wouldn't mind having a go myself.

Flora Chang said...

Hi Liz, yes I am not giving up. My teacher told me I will have better luck using an electric kiln with cone 5 firing instead our classroom's gas kiln with cone 10 firing. I got some cone 5 clay and I will keep trying. :)