Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fisherman's Rib Scarf

I started another scarf while staying at my friend's home last night
due to my power outage. This one is gonna be less fancy since it's a
man scarf. But still, there is a little twist: even though the pattern
might looks like the good old rib stitch, it's actually something
called "fisherman's rib". The texture is thicker and fluffier (that
makes it a good pattern for sweater too), and I just think it looks
better than the regular rib stitch. It's really easy but I can already
tell that it will take me a long time to fnish because I have to
alternate between knit and purl stitches.

If you like to knit one for yourself, here is the pattern:

* Cast on an even number of stitches; I did 24
* 1st row: Knit till the end
* 2nd + all following rows: Purl 1, (K1b, P1) repeat till the last stitch, then P1
* Continue until the desired length, then cast off in rib

K1b means knit 1 into the stitch below. Place the point of your right
hand needle into the stitch below the next stitch in the left hand
needle, then knit in the usual way.


Frizz said...

looks sooooo warm and toasty.

SeƱorita Puri said...

yo should make a metal cat brooch. It sooooo cute :-D
XOXO from spain

Gisele said...

Your scarfs are so pretty!!
I am trying to keep up with my reader now! so many cute posts of you to readdd!!!
(cute kitty)

Anonymous said...

I love this - it's so simple, so I get to use really yummy wool (you know the yummy wool you pick up because it's so goregous and soft and then you're like " do I do with this?").


- x x x -