Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's raining on my birthday...

Rainbow Girl
It has been raining every other day this week. Well, not just rain, but thunder, lightning, hail, tornado warnings... you name it, we've got it. (I was caught in really bad hail and heavy rain while driving on the highway this Tuesday; it was really scary.) So I was not surprised that I got another round of thunderstorm as my birthday gift today. My girlfriends took me out for a very lovely breakfast dinner, and toward the end of our meal, all of a sudden, hell broke loose and the restaurant lost power so we had to finish our food in the dark. (Too bad they could still run the credit cards even without the electricity...heehee.) Definitely it's going to be one of the birthday I won't forget. :)


mushroommeadows said...

Too bad it was raining, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!!! :)

Alley said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

its ready to raining now~
Guido stay at home on his birthday too~
but its OK for him
he like to stay with air conditioning
its hot in TW now~
he always asked me to turn on the cool air
and sleep like a dead body...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Flora - hope the you had a wonderful day despite the rain and hail. Really enjoying your watercolour work!

Kelly Medina said...

Sounds like a memorable birthday for sure! Happy Birthday to you and many more! :)

SkipFitz said...

I didn't miss your birthday.
Your birthday missed me.

We were on the opposite sides of the street, walking toward each other, and I waved. Right at your birthday. "Hi!" I shouted, hoping to catch your birthday's eye.

But your birthday kept on walking. Was your birthday shy? I dunno. Was it feeling awkward, shuffling its feet, keeping its eyes cast downward, trying to not to remember (but at the same time, desperately trying to recall everything) about that one night your birthday and I spent together? I dunno. I can't say much about that night, but there was cake. Lots of it. I shall remember it always.

But just so you know, I waved. At your birthday. I just hope next year your birthday and I will be able to connect.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday!

flora said...

Thanks Skippy!!! :)
Cute baby photos on your blog!

Esti said...

I know I'm a couple of days late but anyway: Happy Birthday!!