Monday, June 30, 2008


I know I haven't been updating my blog, because:
1. I am swamped at work and when I go home I just want to rest.
2. I've been trying to eat healthy and prepare the meals myself whenever I can. So when I am not resting, I am cooking. (Maybe I can post some recipes instead.)
3. The weather has been so nice outside, and I want to play outdoors instead of stay in and doodle.

Still I will post something when I have it. Meanwhile, here is a photo from yesterday. It's a shot of an alley at Lawrence, Kansas.

Saturday afternoon

My band went into the studio in Lawrence all day yesterday to do the final mixing on our second EP. Here is Mike working his magic in the studio.

Recording Studio


maura said...

i hear ya - i have not been blogging much either, for many of the same reasons. wasn't the weather this past weekend amazing? when it's time, you'll blog again. recipes are always fun :) congrats on the 2nd EP. how cool is that?!

Aspa said...

I know how you feel Flora. It's really hard to sit and doodle inside when the weather is so nice outside.

Christine said...

Same here. I some days feel I should doodle and post more - but as you actually once told me - it should be fun, and sometimes it's more fun to relax doing nothing, or read, or make music:)

Andrea said...

Loving that alley shot!