Friday, August 22, 2008

Acrylic Paints Practice

Acrylic Paints Practice | Red Mystical Creatures
No more crappy cheapy craft acrylic paints... I got new acrylic paints today so I practiced again and see if I can paint more neatly this time. I started by just test painting some red shapes and this is what happened...


Patti Tobin Davis said...

The quality of supplies can make all the difference in the world. Try experimenting with different surfaces, too. I love your wild characters. And I love your girl pattern.

Gina Perry said...


Yes, quality of materials is key. Try doing digital work in ms paint and see what you get for results! ;)

I'm such a frugal person, but I never scrimp on getting the good paint or paper - I just try to not waste it and squeeze the life out of every tube!!!

flora said...

Thanks pals!
Yeah I am still not using the greatest paints but it's a step up from what I have before... :D
I need to get me good brushes too.

Christine said...

Ooohh, beautiful (also):) Super-cool detail with the top-right printet shape.