Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doodles from Today


I love long weekend! (Even though I had to mow my lawn... The grasses are too tall now, and I am too embarrassed to hire people to mow it for me.) I got to stay at home, relax and draw. Here are some doodles from this afternoon. I am hoping to put them on wood next week! Are you having a good weekend so far? Hope yours is relaxing and spent on doing something you love too!

2 Faces

Girl with Flower



violette said...

hi flora! loved your siamese sisters :) they remind me of the japanese girls in The Big Fish movie!

do you first make the sketch in paper and then repaint it on wood? or do you kinda transfer them?

have a nice weekend! hope you enjoy your long weekend for me too, because in my country the weekend ends today, sunday :(

flora said...

I draw on paper and then scan it, fix + color it in Photoshop and print it out, then transfer it onto wood using gel medium. :)

Have a great weekend too. Hugs.