Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Señor Elefante

El Elefante

This is just part of a little project I gave myself starting a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought I am going to do a whole Spanish alphabet animal chart, but I am not sure if every alphabet has an animal under it? (Maybe you guys can help me figure it out.) But at least I can do a Chinese zodiac chart with only 12 animals... (lazy me... bad bad...)

So far, I've got:
El Elefante
El Mono
El Ratón
El Gallo
La Cabra
La Serpiente
El Cerdo
La Tortuga
El Buey
El Tigre
El Caballo

Some of them are done; some are only in sketch form.
I will add them to my blog little by little on my own pace.

And tonight I turned Señor Elefante into a real painting. It was fun to do.
(It's 6" by 6".)

El Elefante Painting


lil kim said...

love him! love his mustache, his beret, his apron and his tail! (and his knees in the first one) :)

Helen Pickup said...

He adorable,love the painting :)

cristina said...

Un poco de ayuda :)

Con la A: Ardilla (Squirrel), con la B: Búho (Owl). Con la Z: Zorro (Fox).

¡Ánimo! Te quedará un alfabeto genial! :D

zime said...

This looks amazing Flora!!! If you need help just send me an email ;)
Este Señor Elefante vale la pena!!


xha said...

In the painting, he seems more French...with the beret...I love elephants1

Carolyn said...

Oooo I would love El Gallo!!! That is my last name! Will you be offering these, or at least prints????

flora said...

Thanks everybody for your kind comment and suggestions! :D

I can not at this point, because I can't have extra income other than my regular job due to my status in this country. But as soon as I am allowed to, I'd like to set up a little shop and offer some prints and stuff. I will post it here when that day finally comes. xo

themagicalbean said...

This is great! I would definitely buy this as a print. I can't wait until you set up a shop.

Chickengirl said...

Totally whimsical and wonderful. I want to see the whole alphabet!

violette said...

hi there! lovely project!!! :D

i'm a spanish speaker so i'd be glad to help!

here are a couple of letters + animals:

D: Delfín
F: Foca, Flamenco
H: Hipopótamo, Hamster, Hormiga
I: Iaguana
J: Jabalí, Jaguar
K: Kiwi, Koala
L: Langosta, Leopardo, León, Liebre, Lobo
N: Nutria
Ñ: Ñandú
O: Oruga, Oso, Oveja
P: Paloma, Panda, Pato, Pez, Perezoso, Perro, Pingüino, Pulpo
Q: Quirquincho
U: Urraca, Urón
V: Vaca, Víbora
W: Wapiti
X: ???
Y: Yacaré, Yac
Z: Zarigüeya, Zorro

i wrote them only in spanish so you can practice! :)

John Coulter said...

This is such a cool idea!
Have you seen this?

flora said...

themagicalbean, Chickengirl:
Thank you!!!!!

¡Muchas gracias!
Hay muchos animales interesantes en tu lista. :)

Those are hand carved?? Oh my!

Marcus Hadlock said...

Love the green elephant!

xha said...

How about R - rana?