Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vote For Softee!

Our band Softee is nominated as one of the best pop band in KC by the Pitch music awards! If you like us, please click here and cast your vote before August 6/this Thursday (once you get in that page, go to the second page and under #18 you will find us). You can only vote once with each email, but you can use different emails. You can vote from anywhere in the world! We really appreciate your votes!

We will also be playing on August 6 at McCoy's. Stop by and watch us if you are in KC! Click here for more info about the show.


tuesday schmidt said...

Oh, I voted for Softee alrighty! And I'll be there to cheer you super awesome poppy musicians on! Rah Rah Softee!!!!!

flora said...

Ahhh... I didn't see you, pretty lady!
Thanks for coming to our show. I like that space (didn't even know McCoy has a stage); it got really hot on the stage though, but I had fun. i think we do better in a smaller space when the crowd are closer to us. :)