Friday, September 18, 2009

Recipe: Chicken Spinach Mushroom Quesadilla

Dinner Recipe: Chicken Spinach Quesadilla

Ever since my dude showed me how to make quesadillas 2 weeks ago, we've been eating this yummy treats a lot (what a smart man by showing me how to make what he wants to eat... ha!) When he is here, I make a more traditional version with salsa, cheddar cheese, chicken, banana pepper, and MORE cheese. But since tonight I am by myself and I just bought bunch of goodies from the fabulous Costco, I tried a different version (perhaps a "girlier" version, too?) and boy it is so good!

Here is what I use:
* Small Corn Tortillas
* Garlic & Herbs Spread
* Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese
* Canned Chicken Breast (flavored and ready to eat)
* Baby Spinach
* Baby Bella Mushrooms

Since the corn tortillas I use are so small, instead of folding them, I just use two and sandwich the stuff in between. As for the baby bella mushrooms, I bought them in a bag, already cleaned and sliced, and sautee them all at once in advance, so they are ready to use throughout the week.

How to make one:
(I put together all the quesadillas before they hit the pan.)

1. First heat up the tortillas a little bit. I do this by turn on the electric burner, hold the tortilla and quickly "slap" it against the heated coil back and forth, until little brown grill marks show up. Be careful not to burn it.

2. Spread a layer of garlic & herbs spread on one side of both tortillas.

3. On one tortilla, sprinkle cheese, then lay one layer of baby spinach on top, then chicken breast, sliced/sauteed baby bella mushroom, more cheese (this helps glue down the tortilla on top), and lay the other piece of tortilla on top.

4. Send the whole thing into a heated non-stick pan, no cooking oil needed. Grill about 2 minutes each side, until all the cheese is melted and hot. Use a pizza cutter (works better than knife) to cut it in half, and enjoy! :)


abby jane said...

i love the idea of the garlic and herb spread! my hubby is 1/2 mexican and he loves the quesadilla. i'm excited to show him something a little new. . . thanks for sharing

flora said...

Try it! Hope you guys like it! Mine is 100% Mexican (born in the States though), so when he eats, he likes it more traditional. Plus he HATES mushrooms and refuses to eat them (becasue he thinks they are fungus and gross... hahaha), so I can only do this mushroom version for myself. :)

lil kim said...

yummm.... quesadillas are one of my favouritest things to eat. I like em with some avocado and grilled onions too. OOh I might go make one right now!!!

flora said...

I know, the possibility is endless...
OoooOOOoo... grilled onion + mushroom sound so good right now... yum!

Jazmin velasco said...

Ha ha ha, a friend of mine, who is also Mexican, could just conquer her English husband's heart when she made him a quesadilla.