Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yie Yie | 爺爺

Yie Yie | 爺爺

On 8" x 8" wood panel

I painted my grandpa tonight; he is the best cook ever! Also I think it might be fun to show you my working area. Today I got an awesome vintage Luxo lamp from work for only $20 (they are getting rid of the old Luxo lamps), such a steal! I am thinking about getting another one before they run out.

Painting Area

Love the lamp! It's sturdy and provides really great natural lighting.



Ramon said...

These paintings are great!

flora said...

Thanks, Ramon! :D

sonoio said...

me han gustado mucho los retratos!!


abby jane said...

i love your work space! (great paintings too!)

flora said...

Thanks, sonoio and abby jane. :D

cecilliahidayat said...

wow that's a very neat workspace! :D and the painting's really great :D i love your colours' choice, it gives a warm, vintage look :) I bet your Yie Yie will be glad to see this :)

PS : i linked you in my blog, i hope you don't mind :D you works are very inspiring :D

flora said...

Thanks for your kind words! Yes, it will be fine linking to my blog. Thanks for letting me know too. :)

Jeanee said...