Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not a tattoo

Not a tattoo...
My friend Amanda drew it on my hand with a Sharpie during a meeting today. (Bad camera, can't take a decent photo without the flashlight... I swear I am going to replace you real soon!!!)

Here are some of the awesome "Sharpie tattoos" Amanda drew on herself. She is GREAT in hand lettering, too!!! Check out
her blog and see more photos of her hand arts! : )


Sarah said...

I've never been a fan of tattoos - its the permanence! So these would be perfect for me!!

flora said...

Me too... I'll never get tattoos either. I am ok with other people getting it, but not on myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh! They're amazing!
Well, I'd love to have a tattoo, but I'm a indecisive person... I would want to change the drawing all the time. So, those Sharpie markers are a great idea for me! :D

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

so cool! have you seen her photo albums of her drawings during high school? super amazing!!!
your rennaisance hands looks good with some ink :)