Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cool Things I Saw Today

This afternoon, while waiting for the traffic light, Robert pointed out this truck next to us with really cool skull tires. I had to snap a quick photo before it took off. I want those tires for my car, too. : )

Skull Tire

Then tonight I saw this amazing creature called "elephant shrew" on Discovery Channel... I am in love. They are just so cute!


Gina Perry said...

I saw that shrew the other night too. Seriously, the cutest thing alive. Did you see his little nose, oh my gosh. Like a shrunken down puppy nose on a puppet string. Sweet tires too!

flora said...

I know!!!! I can't get over how sweet and cute that little thing is! My boyfriend was like "oh oh... I can see some elephant shrew doodles coming..." :)