Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flower Brooch

Flower Brooch #4

I am adding my flower brooches into the Etsy shop. They are crocheted with 100% wool yarn, felted by hand, and then some of them received another layer of crocheted petals on top of that. They are perfect to wear in any season, especially in this lovely spring time!

Flower Brooch


Kelly Medina said...

These are so cute, Flora! I love your label too.

flora said...

Thank you so much, Kelly! : )

Luisa Bernal said...

I like very much your work!
We´re organizing an illustrators and crafters residence in Spain. In case you´re interested on it, you can check:

ZiggyH said...

Hi Flora,
I've been admiring your work online, and I wonder whether you'd like to be involved in a book project I'm working on. It's called Graphic USA and it's a travel guide to 25 US cities written and illustrated by designers/illustrators living in those cities. It follows on from a book I did last year called Graphic Europe - which you can check out on:

I'd really like to include Kansas City in the next one, and I think your style could work really well in the book. If you're interested at all, do get in touch:



flora said...

Luisa: Muchas gracias! I wish I could be there. :)

Ziggy: Thanks! I sent you an email. :)