Friday, August 6, 2010

YoYo Doodle Ring is now in my shop


Finally, my newest baby, YoYo Doodle Ring, is in the shop! The designs include some of the most popular doodles from the Happy Stampies collection, as well as some brand new ones which are more sophisticated. They are printed professionally by Spoonflower and then made into buttons by hand. I want you to be able to pick your own design and settings; it's more fun that way! Please see my shop for details.

PS: Yesterday I wore the prototype ring (the one in the photo above) to my dental appointment, and I got a couple of ladies asking me where I got my ring... I was so glad! I am sure when you wear it you will get lots of compliments, too. And if you like it, would you help me spread the words, too? Thank you so much! Smooches! : )


Jill said...

oh, oh, oh! how I love, love, love!
what a great use for your fabric!

Flora Chang said...

Thank you so much Jill! : )

Squeaky said...

Hi Flora, we absolutely ADORE your works. They are really cute! We just started a fun, social project to collect as many doodle contributions as possible. And if we get enough, we will try to hold a show to feature all contributions. All in the name of art! =)

Here are the event details:

If the link doesn't open correctly, please go to it will direct you to our facebook page as our website is under construction at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, lovely and cute!
Just added to my favourites on Etsy. :D


Flora Chang said...

I saw it Tati! Thank you so much. I can't keep continue exploring/making new stuff if not because of the support of you guys. Hugs.