Thursday, March 10, 2011

More burnt doodles

Wood Burnt Doodles: Flower Discs

Some wood burnt doodles from last night. Comparing to the 4"x6" block below, these wood discs are harder so you can tell the lines are cleaner and crispier. The 4"x6" wood panel has a softer texture so the lines are mushier. All bigger discs are about 1.5" in diameter while the smaller ones are 1.25" in diameter.

Wood Burnt Doodle 4X6 Block


aimee said...

these are adorable! the designs look like henna on wood -- i just love the contrast between the light and dark browns.

Margit Rosenaa said...

great great work! Love it - and it must mave a nice smell also :)


creative tail

Flora Chang said...

Thanks aimee and Margit!

Yes the smell is really nice. :)

picidia said...


momo-tomo said...

Super cute!