Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wood-Burnt Doodles

Wood-Burnt Doodles

I did some wood-burnt doodles in 2008 (here and here); I loved it because it's just like drawing on wood (with a slower pace). But the tool I used back then was the basic kind which you can purchase from most craft stores. It's inexpensive but the down side is that you can't adjust temperature on it. Last week (yeah, only took me 3 years), I finally made up my mind and treated myself with a good set of Razertip burner and pens. I tested it last night and I can really tell the difference (still need to experiment on adjusting the temperature setting, though). The pen I used is a really fine 0.08mm ballpoint pen. The wood discs I used are the same kind in the first link, but you can tell the difference in the linework quality.

PS: If you are looking for a set of good burner and pens, I ordered mine from Nedra; she is a professional wood-burning artist and is so helpful.


azreenChan said...

Can you please tell me the price range of the Razertip burner? :) Please ?

Flora Chang said...

Please see this link (if you are in USA):

The one i got is the dual burner model which is $181.25, just the burner itself (comes with 2 cords and one pen). But I also got 2 more pens and tools for cleaning the pens.

Lisette said...

That is so cool!! I was looking for a way to make my illustrations on wood and I think this is a brilliant way... So this is going to be on my wishlist :) And oh my, I love your designs - they are so unique and sweet

Miss J said...

These are lovely Flora!

azreenChan said...

Thanks a lot! :D

Kellie Christie said...

I love these too! They are gorgeous! Love your illustrations :)

Conny's Cottage said...


you make so lovely
thinks i like it.