Sunday, September 11, 2011

Domain Name

Got the domain name! : )

Finally I bought myself the domain name! (Should've done this years ago...) I am taking online Dreamweaver tutorials little by little, and it might take awhile before I learn how to build a simple website. My goal is to have a basic online portfolio, so people can see the highlights of my work in one place. Right now there is only a home page, but at least there is something, and I've put all my links on that page so they all under one roof. Here you go. :)


emily b said...

Oh, it's wonderful! Good luck with your site construction - I give you lots of credit for learning how to do it on your own!

Flippy Doodle said...

It looks cute already!

I hope this blog still remains, or are moving the blog there too? :)

Flora Chang said...

Thanks emily b!

Flippy Doodle: the blog will still be here. :)

denise said...

looks like a good start already!

Missy said...

Very good! I just visited Happy Doodle Land!

Anonymous said...

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