Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few More Pieces

Birds and Flowers Footed Bowl

Still in the sweatshop mode, I finished a few more pieces over the weekend and here are some of them. I love these vintage footed bowls; they are really cute and a little harder to find. I am almost done with all my doodle pieces, only 2 big ones left to do (a cake stand and a giant bowl). Also since my good friend's mom bought my previous one, I did another happy faces bowl in yellow. :)

Birds and Flowers Footed Plate

Birds and Flowers Footed Bowl

Happy Faces Bowl


MochiPan said...

I absolutely, totally and utterly LOVE love LOVE these pieces!!! I love ceramics and I love your style of drawing, so the two combined is dreamy! I especially love the top one in pink.

Did you make the bowls or buy them? And what are you doodling on them with? I started going round buying second-hand ceramic dishes recently, and I have been drawing on them with pen used for drawing on glass, but I'm not sure how permanent that is. I think I need to bake them in the oven to make it permanent but not done it yet!

Flora Chang said...

Hi Mochi, they are not ceramic; they are vintage wooden bowls that I collect from different places, and I draw on them with really soft pencils. I do want to do ceramic pieces, too, but I will need to find a place where I have access to the kilm. I think using ceramic pen and then bake it in the oven will make it permanent. Why don't you try it? :)

Miss J said...

Flora - these are fabulous! Keep it up!Can't wait to see what you do next.