Tuesday, January 29, 2008

48 Luchadors in Chaos

This is the continuation of the previous post... After I did the red/orange version, I craved for more colors for the 48 Luchadors, so I scanned it and changed some colors in Photoshop, then added more doodles around it. Funny that I am a fan of both simplicity and chaos (you probably could tell that already from my artworks). Which one do you like? :)

Artist website to check:
My friend Dick Daniels finally has an online shop! Now you can shop for his artworks by checking out his website at www.FunHouse57.com (and did I already mention his stuff is super fun?)


mushroommeadows said...

I like both the sketch and this colorful one! :) Your luchadors are so cute! :D

flora said...

Thanks Mush! I am glad you still think they are cute and not too weird! (Or weird but cute, that would work for me too! heehee) :)

Gina Perry said...

I definitely like this second version better - it feels much more balanced. How cool would this be as fabric?! You're really on a roll with these.

pupu said...

oohh i love this super2 cute work of yours =) and and.. i have a surprise for you..


and i hope you like it. =)

margot said...

you should totally market your sketch book pages- wrapping paper or textile design or something! they're really great!

flora said...

Thanks Margot, that means a lot to me!
As soon as I get my greencard I will do that... right now I'd better just stay put. I am not even sure if I can sell stuff on Etsy?