Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Old Photo of Myself

My friend Maura just posted a photo of herself as a Blockhead on her blog. That reminded me so much of an old photo of mine which I had forgotten about, taken by my roommate back when we were still at school. My roommate Misaki was a photographer major, so once in awhile we had to be models for her various school projects. I remember for this one, she wanted us to do our own masks using brown paper bags, and she would take photos of us wearing our masks at different locations throughout San Francisco. I had mine taken in a magazine shop on Polk Street. I can't imagine what was going through the poor shop owner's mind at that time; he must had been thinking "what a bunch of freaks"! Ah... those are the good old days!


lovelyjustine said...

i plan to go into advertisement and graphic design. kno any great schools i should apply to?

Christine said...

*haha* you're so funny. And wonderful mask, by the way:) (also love your IF)

princesstomato said...

so FUN!

maura said...

what a great picture, flora! haha! fun mask, too :)

i've often thought how interesting it would be to make robot heads, walk around town wearing them and have someone videotape it. then, you could show the video at the show. maybe i should do that for my robot show! :D haha!