Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pen Test: Sharpie Doodle

I found a bunch of color Sharpies that I bought from Costco long long time ago, so I tried to doodle something quick on an old book page to see how the colors would turn out. Old papers always seem to have a special magic power and I really like how it mellowed out the Sharpies just enough but not too much.

(The typo in the doodle was real though... -_-)


Aspa said...

I like the idea of the drawing on the book pages. Nice illustration, he looks pretty angry thought.

Kelly Medina said...

I agree, the book page really adds to the illustration. Sharpies are so fun, I've always been tempted to buy that mega-sized Sharpie package, just never have.

Very fun illustration!

Tamsin Ainslie said...

I love your drawing! really inspiring, I love drawing on old book pages too, I love the mix of typography and illustration together. Great blog

Christine said...

*hehe* He's really cool:) I love your luchadors - they make me smile. They seem really angry, but not too frightning, 'cause they're also kind of cute (allthough I think it would bum them out if they knew I had said so ;)

I like the effect the book page gives this one. Warm wishes /C

mushroommeadows said...

I love this. The color effect is beautiful. Funny that the typo is real, though it adds to the meaning of the message. :)

By the way, I found some pilot pens at a local Japanese store. I was elated! Thanks for the recommendation. The pens might motivate me to do my homework. :D

fougougou said...

I always get inspirated by your blog. and this one is sooo good!

flora said...

Hahaha... thank you guys! :)
He does have a goofy but serious and determined look... After all, he is a fighter! :)

Kelly... get the whole pack of Sharpie from Costco. I remember it was pretty cheap.

Mush: Yeah! I know you will find it over there where you live. Did you get a thicker one? I think 0.3 is fun but might takes forever to write homework with!! :D

Aspa said...

Hi Flora,
I was given the "You make my day award" and because I really like your work and your blog I am passing it to you. You can visit my blog for more info. Thanks for all this good work that you are sharing.