Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diary: This Weekend

First, my mom is here visiting me for 40 days... so if I am less productive during this time, that's why. :)

Margaret Layton: Blinky

On Friday Robert and I went to the regular monthly "first Friday" treasure hunt, and I got lucky again (last time I got the "Mixies", remember?). I got two awesome framed owly prints by Margaret Layton, titled "Blinky" and "Winky". Look like they are some sort of hand-colored prints, and they are really lovely. I do need to replace one of the glass, re-paint the wood frames, and add mats for both of them. But I only paid $38 for the pair so I am not complaining.

Margaret Layton: Winky

Also I got a little owl container as well. I already had one of this; now I have two!

Owl Container

Because it was the "First Friday" (On the first Friday of each month, Kansas City's Crossroads district's art galleries, studios, and restaurants open their doors to showcase local and national artists, and the area is always packed with people.), after work we went to Mattie Rhodes Art Center for their Dia De Los Muertos exhibition. After that we stayed and listened to a blues band playing on 18th street (pardon my bad camera). It was kind of chilly but the perfect weather for such an activity.

Firsts Friday on 18th Street, KC, MO

And today I took my mom to Mattie Rhodes Art Center again and showed her around the artsy neighborhood. It was a perfect fall day.

Mattie Rhodes Art Center


lil kim said...

sounds like a FANTASTIC weekend! love all your owlies!

flora said...

Thanks, lil kim!
The weather is perfect right now! Hope it will last longer... : )

Mattie said...

Thanks for the mention and great pictures! Thanks for coming out to support Mattie Rhodes Center!

Robin said...

Hi, I was searching Margaret Layton and came upon your blog page. I have an original of her work of 3 owls. I am also a oil painter with some items listed on and also they are on my blog page. I would like to converse with you re Margaret Layton and maybe send you a photo of the painting I have.
Robin Earnest

flora said...

You are welcome! It's a great gallery and a great show! :)

I have no clue who Margaret Layton is. There is not enough info about her on the internet either. Neither do I know what kind of printing method was used to produce the two prints I got. (I like them no matter what.) I know they were made for some company as home decor, and there are also inspection numbers on the back of the frame, which won't be there when I open them up and add new mats. :) Do you mean you have the print (or original painting) of the three owls? Is it this one?
(I know there is also another one, if I am correct...)

Patti said...

love the ceramic owl - can you share your purchase pricce?

flora said...

Patti, that was so long ago; I don't quite remember. I think the ceramic owl is less than $10.

Janet Wand said...

Thanks for posting! You helped me identify this print that I saw in the background of Columbo "Suitable For Framing" season 1 episode 6. I took a photo of the tv screen and did a photo search with google and it linked me to the pinterest pin. Now I cannot find it anywhere else! I love it! Thanks again.