Monday, October 19, 2009

New Hallmark Books

How are you, my friends? We've been having weird & chilly weather here in the Midwest. The sun was hiding from us for the whole past week but is finally showing its face again now. A breezy, sunny Autumn day... for that reason alone, it's worth celebrating! On top of that, I am going to show you two more new books from Hallmark; I'm sure they are going to put you in an even better mood!

The first one is "Ultra GoGo's Party Fun Book". It's a collaboration between my friend Sarah Anderson and writer Linda Morris, and it took years from the very beginning of the project to finally having the book on the market. It's a labor of love, and the end result definitely shows that! It's a super super fun book for tween/teen girls (or even grown-ups like you and me), full of "Quizzes, Games, and Recipes for All-Time Wackalicious Party Fun"! It's a spiral-bound book (easy to lay flat) with thick cardboard cover and a cute sticker sheet at the end. I will let the pictures do all the talking:

The second book is "It's Not Easy Being Brave". It's written by Megan Haave, and collaboratively illustrated by Maura Cluthe and Mirna Sutbbs. It's is SO CUTE!!! (Just look at the little monster plush toy tucked away in the pocket!!! His name is "Pip", by the way.) Pip is the smallest monster in the world, and he is good at being scared, especially by other monsters! It's a really cute story with very well done artworks. Your little ones, or yourself, will for sure enjoy it (I know I did!)

To get your own copies, check out your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores. If you have any comments or feedback, you can email them to


Jeanee said...

OMG! I didn't know there was gonna be an Ultra GoGo book!

I want it!!!

My cousin will be 12. It'll be perfect for her!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Eeeekk! I want it all!!! Especially that tweet book, a market I really want to study and get into. The design and illustrations are wonderful, a great book for inspiration for sure. Now I have more books to look out for!

flora said...

As last Friday there was one more left in the shop. Go see if they still have it. Otherwise have them order it for you. It's great!!!

Tween/ Teen is a tough market to pin-point the styling, as my team face the challenge everyday. But it's a lot of fun too. Kids nowadays mature so fast. What we think is cute for them, they probably think it's too young and lame already... oh well.

Sarah said...

Flora! thanks for posting a blog about
my book. I really appreciate it!!!!

Gabriele Antonini said...

Absolutely lovely blog and artworks...your hause with autumn leaves is stunning!

Alex Dukal said...

Delicious creatures!

B said...

My family received The Night Before Christmas as a gift for our daughter from her grandparents. My daughter who is 9 years old absolutely loved it, it was her most favorite gift from her grandparents. She is looking forward to listening to it every holiday season for years to come and she plans to show it to her children. She has specifically asked me to store it safely to ensure it is in good condition for years to come. I loved it as much as she did because I know one day my parents won't be with us, and I too can listen to it year after year and hear both the voices of my mother and father. This will be the most cherished gift my family will ever receive, and I too will make them for my children and grandchildren.

Flora Chang said...

Dear B:
I love the recordable story books too. I will for sure share your precious comment with my co-workers. Thank you so much! :)