Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Encaustic Box

Little Encaustic Box

A little mixed-media encaustic box with shellac, 3" across.
I've been having fun with beeswax... I love how imperfectly perfect the result could be.


Emjie said...

I know this is a box, but it also makes me think of cookies. Maybe it could be a cookie container. Or imagine that illustration as icing lines on top of a cookie.

flora said...

It does! :D
Now I am hungry... :)

Jeanee said...


Handart19 said...

you are crazy talented. it's like you just magically poop this stuff out! i wish that i was half as productive as you!

flora said...

Dude... that's because I have no life... don't envy. :)