Monday, December 21, 2009

Mt Etsy shop is now open!

How are you my friends? After lots of trouble and prep works (getting a new printer which will print archival quality artworks, getting a new computer, and getting all the legal stuff like EIN number, bank account and sales tax certificate... yeah, boring!), my Etsy shop is finally open! Right now I have 6 prints (oldies but goodies from the past) in the shop, and I will be adding more prints in the shop as time goes by. Please come take a look and give me any advice/suggestion you might have! : D

Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2010!


Itziar San Vicente said...

Congratulations!!! I wish you the best woith your new shop!

flora said...

Thank you so much! : )

Kelly Medina said...

Yaya you! So awesome you got this to happen. What a great start up selection too. I love the ice cream fairy, sweet angel and the hat peeps!

You are so talented this is sure to be a hit!

Happy Holidays! :)


flora said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kelly! : )
Happy holidays to you and family too! XOXOXO

My Owl Barn said...

Congratulations! I am huge fan of your work. Love the hat peeps.

flora said...

Thank you, My Owl Barn! : )
Happy holidays!

zime said...

Felicitaciones Flora!!!
Your shop looks amazing. Good luck!!!

flora said...

Thank you zime!!! : ) xoxo