Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rain Monster

We got more snow last night; how about where you are at? : )
Happy New Year! XOXOXOXOXO


The Sice Family said...

Hi Flora! I'm loving your cute shop, and will buy a print soon (when our bank account has recovered from Christmas spending!)I'm thinking of buying a new printer to be able to print my own drawings. Which printer did you end up buying? Wendy x

flora said...

Hi Wendy,
Hahaha!!! I know! Seems like a lot of people's wallets need time to recover from Christmas shopping. : )

I ended up buying Epson R1900; with tax it's about $600 (I bought from a real store, not from because I feel safer buying from a real store; that's just me.) It uses pigment based ink which is archival; it's very important when you are making prints for sale. Hope it helps! Happy New Year! XO