Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Ladies Mini Prints Set - Limited Edition of 50

Add VideoJust added this set of limited edition mini art prints into my shop. They are small and cute, 3"x5" in size, and will be numbered and signed at the bottom on each one of them. I am only going to print 50 sets, so get yours while they are still available (and don't forget the buy one print and get the second one $5.00 rule applies to these as well.)


pilarcat said...


Just wonder, do you think these prints are too small for sending as postcards?

I collect postcards and would love to buy ones with your illustrations :-)

flora said...

No, they are only 3"x5", not big enough for being sent as postcard alone. You can however include them in the greeting card you are ending to your friends though, or just pop them in a small envelope and mail it that way too. :)

Dawn said...

They are wonderful! I love the vivid colors. Hey, I also wanted to thank you for the Salonpas tip (ala your comment on my blog). I am going to be looking for some today. I think the tube of gel looks like what I need :)

flora said...

Dawn, thank you!
We always used the medicated clothe form of Salonpas; I've never used the gel form. My mom uses it for everything: nerve ache, tooth ache, join ache, sore muscles.... you name it. : )