Friday, May 30, 2008

IF: Baby

IF: Baby
This actually came from what happened the past weekend. My friends and I were playing this really great board game called "Apples to Apples", and I put "elitist" and "baby" together... We all thought the phrase "elitist baby" sounds so hilarious. But really, the word "baby" just sounds funny with pretty much any word in front of it. If you don't know what "gold plated diaper" mean, go to this link and watch it! It's my all time favorite, funniest SNL sketch ever! YAY!! MORE COWBELL!!

PS: "Apples to Apples" is really a very simple game but it's so much fun! The basic concept of the game is simple: you match the adjective card on the table with a noun or verb card from your hand that you think is the perfect (or funniest, or most ironic...whatever) match. But since each round of card matching is judged by a different player at the table, you can use it to your advantage to play a card that you know is a shoo-in for certain judges. It's great for a big party too.


I wish I really have a chippie cam installed in my yard. I have so many chipmunks and they are so adorable. I never get tired looking at them! The only thing is that they got scared so easily and moves way too fast... But this one little chippie was staying on top of that statue forever and I watched him from inside the door for at least 15 minutes. He didn't even move one bit. What a treat for me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IF: Wide

IF: Wide

Wide Feet : Wide Hat+Bag : Wide Cup for Ice Cream: Wide Cupcake: Wide House

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Busy + New blogs + Book Alert

I have to apologize for totally ignoring my blog recently... Besides my root canal situation, I have been so busy at work. You know things are going be crazy when your manager is telling everybody to please work like if our hair is on fire. Oh well, at least I need to be thankful that I have a job which offers me insurance for my root canal. So I am going to quit complaining.

(image above by Ramon Olivera)
One good thing about my work is that I get to work with many amazing artists and learn from them everyday. My friend Ramon Olivera is one of the artists that constantly inspires us with his imagination and fun artworks (not to mention he is one of the nicest and funnies guys we know.) But, come on, Ramon, you didn't tell me that you have a blog and I have to find out about it myself??? That's wrong! Anyway, lucky us, now we have one more blog with great artworks to look at. Check out Ramon's blog here!

(image above by Bob Kolar)
Also, BOOK ALERT!!! Our friend and mentor at work, Bob Kolar, is going to have a brand new children's book out this fall. It's called "Big Kicks". I am very fortunate to be able to see the book in person when Bob showed it to me the other day. It's such a great story and the cuteness of all the characters just blew my mind! Bob has been showing his process of creating artworks for this book in his blog "Whoop Dee Doo".

(image above by Sarah Anderson)
Last but not least, my co-worker/girlfriend Sarah Anderson recently started a new blog called "Unicorn Poo". She is also an amazing artist. Her artworks are so cute and they will make you poop in your pants (pardon my language, but it's true). I am sure Sarah will be posting lots of wonderful doodles, drawings or craft projects in the near future so stay tuned.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bad tooth update

Thank you all so so much for your kind wishes about my toothache... You guys are the best! Here is the update that I promised:

I went in Thursday at 9 A.M. for my very first root canal. And NO, I didn't use the laughing gas. Oh, I so wanted to try the laughing gas because I had never had it before and all my friends were telling me how much they love it. So I did ask for it but then my dentist came back and delivered me the bad news: their oxygen tank was running low and only got 10 minutes worth of oxygen left; that apparently wouldn't be enough. So we went ahead without it (At this point, I was crying inside and wondering "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???" I felt like a pig waiting to be butchered...)

Nevertheless, the procedure went ahead without any problem. It did take them 5 shots to get me numbed, but once I was numbed I didn't feel a thing. The only thing was that my jaw got really tired cause I had to open my mouth really wide for like 90 minutes... no fun!

My teeth and gum did hurt A LOT after the drug wore off and that made me start to doubt if everything was done OK and if the tooth next to the bad one was actually bad too and needed to be fixed as well. But after 24 hours (without taking more pain killer because I wanted to know if I am actually healing), I am feeling a lot better. I hope it will stay this way... :)

PS: Now I know root canal is really not worse than having your tooth filled. It just takes long time but that's it. I've got all my wisdom teeth pulled and those were worse. My most glorious dental record happened when I lived in Taiwan. I went to the dentist across the street from my office during my afternoon break, asked him to pull out my 2 wisdom teeth, and then went back to my office and kept working...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bad tooth

I've been having really bad toothache since last Thursday. My band had to record our EP in the studio during the last weekend and I had to pop pills like crazy to get by. I went to the dentist and for sure, I need a root canal (I have never had one before) and they schedule me for this Friday morning. I so wish they could get me in sooner but guess I have to wait...

PS: One tip from my friend's mom who is a dental hygienist about pain killer: she told me to alternate Advil and Tylenol because if I keep taking one then it loses its power pretty fast.

Note: My dentist just called me and told me they can see me tomorrow morning... I will let you know how it goes... urrrr.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IF: Seed

IF: Seed