Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Penélope's Granny Bag

How are you, my friends? I've been so busy at work... Yesterday I even forgot to eat my lunch. Yeah, it's that kind of workload again. It happens. So if I haven't been too productive, that's the reason...

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you the bag made by Penélope Argos. Penélope wrote me an email couple of weeks ago after I posted the granny illustration, asking me if she could use the image to make something for her daughter. I was so flattered and more than happy to say yes! She was so nice, and boy, was she fast, and she is really good... I mean, LOOK AT THE BAG! She put the granny on a blue bag for her daughter, and she told me a little story about her Granny:

"When my Grandmother was still alive, and I was little, she used to live with us. She was a very fragile old lady and couldn't do much, which bothered her a lot. Her only escape was that every Thursday she used to go out with a friend, and they said that they would go to buy buttons. It was her way to say that what she was doing with her friend was nobody's business... She carried along a blue and white cloth bag (with the little squares)... and she came home with a big smile and a little something to offer me. Somehow I never forget it. When I saw your Granny I knew that it "had" to be a blue bag."

Isn't that a cute story? Thanks for sharing it, Penélope! XO