Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The process and preview of Happy Stampies

Today I finally received the wood mounting blocks for my stamps, now I can start my sweat shop and put them together, haha! It's going to be a long process because I have to cut all the stamps (plus I put them way too close to each other on the rubber sheet, even though I did follow the guideline of keeping them 1/4" apart... still too close, d'oh!)

Here I have to coat the top of the mounting blocks so it can receive ink without smearing.

I call them Happy Stampies! Here's the mustache duo.
And here's the close up of the stamp side. They will be in my Etsy, hopefully, by/or before this
weekend! : )

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek + Art Exchange Opportunity

Hi guys... are you enjoying this nice weather? I am, but my allergy is also killing me! For whatever reason, this year's allergy is really bad. But a trip to my traditional Chinese doctor today really helped me a lot! So far I haven't taken any antihistamine... keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am going to offer in my Etsy shop next. They are small and fun!!! I will keep you updated. : )

Also, I hope this weather has put you in the mood of creating! I've been invited by very talented Frizz to do a little fun art exchange thing which I need to invite 6 friends to participate. I've already sent out 6 invitations via Flickr. But, just in case if not all of them can/want to do it, anybody who'd like to participate can drop me a comment here. If any spot is available, I will let you know (first-come, first-served). It should be fun! All you need to do is to make one artwork (whatever size and whatever you want to do) and invite 6 friends to do it. The best part is you should end up with 36 pieces of artworks at the end! So, let me know if you'd like to participate! (Update: I have to opt out this time, because I can't find 6 people quick enough... I guess a lot of folks have already done this exchange already. Maybe next time we can come up with some other way of exchange without the pressure of inviting 6 people down the road?)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flower Brooch

Flower Brooch #4

I am adding my flower brooches into the Etsy shop. They are crocheted with 100% wool yarn, felted by hand, and then some of them received another layer of crocheted petals on top of that. They are perfect to wear in any season, especially in this lovely spring time!

Flower Brooch

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Photos + New Price For Doodle Brooches

Happy Spring! I took some new photos of my doodle brooches (New camera, yeah! Thank you, tax refund!) I am also re-listing them in my Etsy with a new lower price. So get your favorite one before it's gone! : )

Cool Things I Saw Today

This afternoon, while waiting for the traffic light, Robert pointed out this truck next to us with really cool skull tires. I had to snap a quick photo before it took off. I want those tires for my car, too. : )

Skull Tire

Then tonight I saw this amazing creature called "elephant shrew" on Discovery Channel... I am in love. They are just so cute!