Monday, February 23, 2009

Gamine Girls Doodle

Gamine Girls Doodle

I love gamine style and anything with stripes on it! : )

25 Most Annoying Vocals Done by One Man

One of my blog friend found this and post it on her blog.
Bohemian Rhapsody sung in 25 voices by one single man... My laughing point is so low and I already died when Michael Bolton came out...

Here is the line up:

Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Michael Bolton
Corey Hart
Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
Jon Bon Jovi
Robbie Robertson
Neil Diamond
Aaron Neville
Dennis DeYoung
Barney the Dinosaur
Any Annoying Lead Guitarist
Crash Test Dummies
Tom Petty
The B-52's
Rolling Stones
Ozzy Osbourne
Julio Iglesiais
Bobby McFerrin
Andrea Bocelli
Guns N Roses

Monday, February 16, 2009


I never knew such a yummy thing exists in this world! I always make peanut butter sandwiches, but tonight my man made one with a little twist. He used marshmallow creme instead of jelly, and it ROCKED MY WORLD! It was so good I started to dance in the kitchen! Who knows such a simple snack can bring so much joy?

(I went online and researched, and found out the sandwich has an official name: "fluffernutter". Even the name is cute!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Commercial

A new commercial from T-Mobile. (I guess they show it in England?) It made me so happy just by watching it. 400 dancers were mixed in with an unsuspected crowd in the Liverpool station during busy hours. And when the music cued, all of them suddenly started dancing. The best part is when originally confused passengers started to join the dance; it's so much fun! I wish I were there when it all happened!

Here is the making of the commercial.

Wanna learn the routine? Here are the step-by-step instructions.