Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chicken Doodles


I really need to go back and start doing more Illustration Friday again. I got to know many talented artists online because of that site. I was trying to do something for the past week's topic "Chicken"... Oh well, didn't make it in time. So here are some of my chicken doodles from the sketchbook. :)


lisa stubbs said...

love them! I love their expressions!:)

rachel awes said...

i adore your
chicken doodles.
they delight me
like heart candy.

kathryn durst said...

omg these are wonderful!
i must say, i missed your doodles!! keep them up, they are great.

Flora Chang said...

Thanks girls!!!

Me too! It's just I draw all day long at work. When I am off I like to do something different sometime. But I do need to go back to do more doodles for you guys. :)


DanS said...

Lots of personality in them there chickens. Very cute.

8happyrainbow said...

lovely ♥