Monday, January 17, 2011

Luck + Harmony Hardware Necklace

Harmony Hardware Necklace

This one was freshly made today and just added to the shop. I love how these two pieces of horseshoe-shaped hardware hugging and curving around each other. All the parts move individually, too. When I look at it, I also thought, "Hmmm, this one can represent parents and their kids, too." Maybe?

One highlight of my day today: when I was in the hardware store searching high and low of the parts I want, I asked an older gentleman who works there to help me. He asked, while leading me to the area, "So what size do you want?" I told him I have to see it in person because I am using it to make jewelry. He laughed and said, "Well... I guess that's how young minds work, huh?" :)

Harmony Hardware Necklace

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va said...

like this necklace too ! reminds me of a moon shape .