Monday, January 17, 2011

Hoot In The Loop and Tiny Infinity

Hoot In The Loop necklace

Another necklace with a sweet little owl dangling in the hardware loop. I really love how this one turns out. Also, here is a dainty infinity necklace I just made. It's not a true infinity but sure looks like it. It's been hammered and beaten up, then distressed and polished a couple of times to achieve the rugged look.

Both are available now.

Tiny Infinity Necklace



Kelly Medina said...

Soo cute Flora. I love the photo with the rice. Nice touch! :)

Happy New Year!

Flora Chang said...

Haha thanks Kelly!
Dangling pendant is so hard to show nice in a photo because it moves. How are you doing? :)

Jeanee said...

OMG!!! LOVE!!!

Nice photos too!!!

Flora Chang said...

Thanks Jeanee! I love the dress form. If you ever need to get one let me know I will give you the link.

SaraLynn said...

I adore that owl necklace! Also, what a creative way to photograph it! All of your photos are wonderful.

va said...

love the owl necklace too . very delicate but yet tough look to it at the same time .