Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dangling Owl

Owl Hardward Dangler Necklace

Made this one last night; I really love how it turns out. It dangles really nicely. :)

I am so happy that we are having a long weekend over here. Are you doing anything special? I just spent 3 hours in the hardware store looking for possible parts. I am going to another one in a little bit, after I eat my lunch/dinner. So glad it's not too cold today, about 27 degrees F (yes that's not too cold at all, comparing to what we've been having in the past couple of days).

Thank you so much for participating in the necklace giveaway! My Etsy store is brand new and needs lots of helps to launch. It's a very tough market on Etsy for any jewelery shops, really hard to get noticed by people. So I really appreciate you guys spreading the words for my humble little store. Love you all! Xx

Owl Hardward Dangler Necklace


Jeanee said...

This is great! I really, really like it.

Flora Chang said...

Thanks Jeanee!!!! :)