Thursday, January 31, 2008

Revisiting of An Old Friend: Rainy Day

Here is an old painting of mine (maybe it is a self-portarit?) It's fun to revisit some of the old friends... especially after my earlier post about me being afraid of paints; I think doing this will help make me want to paint again.

I did this little painting almost 3 years ago. It was done on a piece of MDF board about 6" by 12". I like paiting on wood better than canvas. Blank canvas just looks so clean and perfect, and I always feel like I am ruinning it by painting on it. That's one of the reason that adds to my fear of painting... But with wood I am less afraid. I do like doing little collage works on small canvas though. I will try to scan some of them and show them later (if they can be scanned well).


Susan Mitchell said...

sO cute! It reminds me of Mary Blair's work :)

Anonymous said...

What if you did like three paintings at the same time, and they were more doodles. and say you sat down and said out loud and believed that it was just an excersize. I thin a lot of artists choke. To me your best posted work are the doodles and lucha masks where you're loose and just making stuff. Rather than thinking how will this look when I'm done. What kind of frame.etc..Why not try to sorta sketch with the paint, and get involved in the process, and not the finished product? Just an idea. I choke when I work all the time. "going to finish" is like the kiss of death to me. I just try to keep the pioneering spirit alive when I'm working and do real loose rough sketches so that my final isn't trying to live upto anything. the final color piece is it's own animal so to speak. I had an instructor in college that would make us use the last color we would nomalyy work in and start a figure drawing with that. The results were pretty impressive. So cut up some illustration board, make the pieces the same size so they're like scrap paper and play with the paint and don't let it count.

Flora Chang said...

Thanks Anonymous! That's really valuatble advice from you. : ) I will do that.