Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am learning Spanish.

I am learning Spanish!

I use Pimsleur's Comprehensive Spanish system to learn it at home. It requires no books, only by listening and repeating, just like the way we learn our first language. So far I am having fun, and I highly recommend it. : )


gatochinchilla said...

Qué bueno que te intereses por el español, también es un bello lenguaje. Felicitaciones por tu bello blog. Saludos desde Chile!

Si necesitas ayuda con el español no dudes en decirme :D

zime said...

Muy bien! Y ahora puedo escribirte en Español? o todavía no puedes leerlo?
Now I can write you in Spanish or you can't read it yet?

Flora Chang said...

Muchas gracias! Spanish is indeed very beautiful and I've always wanted to learn it. (I love learning languages. My first language is Mandarin Chinese.)

I can only speak easy sentences so far though.... :D

No entiendo mucho, solo un poco, bero you can still type it! :D

lil kim said...

felicidades! I would love to learn more spanish myself. good on you as they say down here in Australia.

Paula Ventimiglia said...

excelente! felicitaciones!
me encanta tu blog :)

Flora Chang said...

lil kim:
Thanks!!! :D
You guys say "good on you"?
Here we say "good for you".

Muchas gracias! xo :)

cristina said...

If you want to practice or some help, you only have to ask :D

Me gustan mucho tus ilustraciones y tu blog !! lo tengo en google reader :D

Nos vemos por aqui :)

Flora Chang said...

Gracias, Cristina!
Glad you found my blog! Isn't google reader great?! :)

Aurora Cascudo Román said...


I´m delighted to hear that! A new spanish speaker!

Yo debería hacer lo mismo con el inglés...ese método existe para aprender inglés?

saludos from Spain!

Pupu Sulaiman said...

wah, u are now studying Spanish? :) Now i am studying Korea.

Have fun with ur Spanish! :D


Penélope said...

buena suerte... just think that soon you will be able to read Cervantes in the original...have fun!

Gisele Jaquenod said...

Buenísimo Flora!!!
Felicitaciones :D

Flora Chang said...

Yes, Pimsleur has lessons for many different languages. One thing to keep in mind though, since it doesn't use any books,spelling could be a problem. Even though it says not to check a dictionary or write down stuff while listening to the lessons, I feel it's helpful to do so. (I listen to the lesson first time without checking dictionary, then I listen to the same lesson again, but this time I try to write down my answer and then check with the dictionary.)

I really like the system.

You are? Isn't learning a new language fun? I feel like it's a key to a new world. Good luck on your Korean learning!

Jaja!!! I am not that ambitious! :)
If I can communicate simple ideas, I would be happy already!

Muchas gracias, mi amiga! :)

Unknown said...

Geniales tus dibujos como siempre Flora.

Flora Chang said...

Gracias, André.:D
Me gustan tus dibujos tambien.

Welcome said...

Yeah Pimsleur is da bomb right. also other good places to learn are

Flora Chang said...

Yeah I am on Pimsleur level 2, lesson 8 right now, and I really enjoy using it. I also registered with, and I have a couple of books and a verb book too. :)