Friday, March 27, 2009

San Francisco Photo Album on Flickr

San Francisco

I went to school in San Francisco and lived there for 3 whole years. To me, San Francisco is always gonna be my favorite city ever. Recently I've reconnected with some of my old buddies from school via Facebook, and everybody misses the city. That reason alone finally motivated my lazy bum to get up and load all my photos to Flickr. I would've had more photos but I lost a lot of them throughout the years. Still, there are 248 photos in the album. If you are interseted, go take a peek. :)

(Keep in mine I don't have a fancy digital camera... just so you know.)

Click here to see the album

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Keishka said...

i've been browsing through the labels and found your crafties which are supercute, you've mixed them sweetly with every element of it. i love your goods! ;)