Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snowing day is the day to paint...

El Panda

Happy Buds

What can I do when it's snowing like crazy outside??? Nothing! I am sick of being cold already. Spring is officially here, and there are flowers blooming everywhere outside, but now we are getting the biggest snowfall this winter/spring... nice! Oh well, at least I managed to do two little 4x6 paintings to entertain myself at home. But what I am going to do next? Snow, go away!!!

This is how it looks like outside right now. I'm sorry but does this say "Spring" to you???

Spring Snow

Spring Snow


Ingrid said...

These are wonderful. I love them both. The luchador is my favorite :)

Sandra said...

Wow! It still looks so cold. It is April, it will soon be summer..... I wonder when the weather is going to get better.