Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free bookplates for you!

I have a little something for you; it might come in handy if you have lots of books and like to lend them to your friends. I've created some bookplates for you to download. They are free, but they are for your own personal use only, so please be nice ok! :)

To download the bookplates, click the photo above for the larger file. Print it out and trim each bookplate following the crop marks! VoilĂ  and enjoy!


lil kim said...

how cute are these! Thanks for sharing :)

constanza achurra said...

Hi Flora, Im Constanza from Chile, I really love your work and your blog, thanks a lot for sharing this cute bookplates...



Flora Chang said...

lil kim:
Thanks! I am glad you like it. :)

De nada! Abrazos! :)

Penélope said... nice of you to share... love it, as allways. Hug

Unknown said...

Oh! It's very nice of you!
Thanks :-)

junee said...

oh how nice! :) thanks for sharing!

i'm having a hard time downloading it though, any tips? thanks again!

- june

Flora Chang said...

Hi June, so sorry I just saw your comment right now. I had to change some of my Flickr setting so people can no longer download my bigger files on Flickr (because some of my works were stolen by people and used without my permission). Hopefully I will fix the file today and post it here again, so you can re-download it. Thanks!