Saturday, November 3, 2007

My New Old Chandelier + Some Other Thoughts

YAY!!!!! I finally got my oldie chandelier installed this morning. For the longest time I don't have proper lighting in my dining room and I've been searching for a fancier (but not too frou frou) old chandelier over my table. I saw this wood/brass fixture in a local antique mall for $225... I LOVED it but it was too much for me. However, couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to see someone was selling the exactly same one for only $35 on eBay. Well, not exactly $35 cause parts of it broke druing shipping and I had to take it to the lamp maker to get it fixed, plus I hired an electrician to install it for me this morning, which leads to another story: after the guy left, I changed the light bulbs to chrystal ones and I tightened them up a little too much, and as soon as I flipped the switch on, my dimmer got burned. I had to call my electrician back right away and he got me a new dimmer and fixed it for me. The lesson learned here: don't tighten the light bulbs too much when you deal with an antique fixture... it might cause a short in it. Now I know...

I've been trying to only post about my own works on this blog and keep all the other stuff (like this post you are reading) on my sleepyjellyfish blog, but I am wondering maybe I should just keep everything on this blog since it's all about my life anyway plus this one has more visitors... Perhaps you can give me some suggestions!

I am gonna take a soldering class all afternoon tomorrow. I've never done that... this should be interesting! In my perfect fantasy world, once I learn it, I can make beautiful charms like what Sally Jean make... Of course, it's not that simple and easy but I am still really excited! I will keep you guys posted! XO


Kelly Medina said...

That looks great! Nice find for sure.

In the first photo, what is the object closest to the camera? Birds on things always catch my eye! It looks like it has a basket attached to it as well. Another one of your great finds?

In regards to your blog, I have both on my Google Reader so I'm staying tuned either way :) But I think what ever is easiest for you to maintain. I have thought about having two blogs, but I always worry I would neglect one and people would stop checking. For you to blend the two would be a great way to show all your interests, etc. in one spot. But like I said, either way I check them both :)

Alley said...

HOHO~~I learning YOGA now.
I just go for 2 times,
but now I'm aching all over my body.
and my 2 teachers both have big belly,
so....i think its useless to keep nice body~~and its really hurt.....

Christine Clemmensen said...

Hi Flora. I think uniting your two blogs is a great idea. I mean, your choice of lamp (which is beautiful, by the way - congratulations), and your way of decorating it with blue pearls:) are also parts of your style and inspiration. I think it is very inspirational to see both what people make, but also what inspires them. Anyhoo you do it, I'll still be paying you a visit every time I'm online to see what'ya got cookin';)) take care -- C

Christine Clemmensen said...

(Hi, again -- so sorry to ask you this in the comments-room, but I couldn't find an email adress on your blog. How do you make the links you post pop up in a new window? Sorry. Thanks. Oh -- have fun on your charm-course tomorrow. Sounds wonderful:)) C

princesstomato said...


and as far as the number of blogs go, i do not know how some people maintain more than one! seriously, it just blows my mind that people can DO IT! i am no help. :) i just know for me i could only have one, and so i will just have to use it for the catch-all, at least until i can get robots to paint all my orders, clean the house, cook the meals, answer my emails, plan girl scout meetings, teach art classes, and walk the dog, etc... :)


APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

beautifull! :)