Thursday, November 15, 2007

Polka Dot Hat Baby

Here are the brooch and pendent I made using the collage of my recent IF entry. I took a really quick photo this morning... It's not the best shot because I was freezing outside and the camera battery was dying. But you get the idea. By the way, I finally got a flickr account and I am posting from there, so it might look a little different (I noticed the image is bigger)...

PS: Do you see the thick layer of leaves on the ground? I don't even want to think about picking them up later... I get so much leaves every year from my 7 huge old trees and my neighbors' trees; it's insane.


Christine Clemmensen said...

Hi Flora:) They're so sweet -- cool that you do a whole line. Congratulations on your Flickr -- you should definately get an Etsy as well:)) xo

Kelly Medina said...

These look so cute. Very sweet.

Oh you got a Flickr going.. I have been meaning to do that. I must go peek around :)

In regards to leaves, I hear ya, I figure leave them like nature intended.. haha or is that just a lazy way of getting out of raking... :)